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LeoLyuki Nishibayashi

LeoLyuki Nishibayashi

Ph.D. in Psychology, Paris Descartes University
【Areas of specialization】
Developmental Psychology, Psycholinguistics
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Since words are rarely produced in isolation, one of the first steps to acquire new words is to segment them from the speech stream. However, this is not trivial and infants have many segmentation cues at their disposal such as rhythmic units (prosody), transitional probabilities and phonetics (consonants and vowels). Segmented outcomes will then have to be stored as phonetically detailed representations for future recognition.

My research interests lie in the understanding of how infants (under 12 months of age) process prosodic and phonetic cues to acquire their native language, using behavioral (e.g., Headturn Preference Procedure) and electrophysiological (e.g., ERPs) methods.