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Natsumi Shibata

Natsumi Shibata

Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
【Areas of specialization】
Linguistics, Language Acquisition
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  • 2017-present
  • Researcher, Laboratory for Language Development, RIKEN Center for Brain Science
  • 2013-2017
  • Research Fellow, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo.
  • 2013-2017
  • Technical Staff Member, Laboratory for Language Development, RIKEN Center for Brain Science.
  • 2009-2010
  • Honorary Research Associate, T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre, Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sentence Interpretation in Young Children

Many people may know through their own experience how hard it is for adults to learn a new language. A language is a complex system composed of specific rules at different language levels, i.e. the sentence level, the word level and the phonological level. In spite of this complexity, young children manage to naturally acquire their native languages through listening to the utterances around them during their first years without explicit instruction in these rules. Even so, pre-school-aged children, who have already acquired adultlike linguistic knowledge, cannot interpret certain types of sentences in an adultlike way. Through investigating such phenomena and uncovering their difficulty, I would like to elucidate a link between the mechanism of children’s language development and other cognitive functions.

Selected Papers

Shibata, Natsumi. (2016). Japanese Children’s Scope Interpretation Revisited. The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers IEICE Technical Report, 116(159), 25-30.

Shibata, Natsumi and Jun Yashima (2014). Reference-Set Computation in Children: Mandarin-Speaking Children’s Pronoun Interpretation in Avoid Pronoun Contexts. Language Acquisition 21(3), 304-315.

柴田奈津美 金蘭 広瀬友紀 (2013) 日本語の関係節処理における線形的距離の効果について. 『電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. TL, 思考と言語』113(174), 25-28. 一般社団法人電子情報通信学会.

Selected Presentations

Shibata, Natsumi (2016) Japanese Children’s Scope Interpretation Revisited. The Thought and Language/the Mental Architecture of Processing and Learning of Language 2016. The Waseda University. Tokyo.

Yashima, Jun and Natsumi Shibata (2011) Reference-Set Computation and Referential Identification in Child Mandarin. The 5th International Conference on Formal Linguistics, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China.

Yashima, Jun and Natsumi Shibata (2009) Elliptical vs. Pronominal Reference in Mandarin Chinese. The 11th International Pragmatics Conference. The University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

Shibata, Natsumi, Yasutada Sudo and Jun Yashima (2007) On Apparent DOR Violations in Chinese and Japanese Resultative Compounds. The 6th GLOW in ASIA Conference. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

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