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June 23, 2018
International Symposium,"Cutting Edge Technology for EEG Data Analysis"
eeg symposium
Sep. 08. 2017
Project leader, Dr. Reiko Mazuka, as a member of the ICIS Executive Committee, talks about exploring language development in infancy. The video is available on Youtube. (External link)
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Sep. 08. 2017
We have now registered over 9,000 participants in our infant and child research.
Jun. 21. 2017
On Aug. 08, "Infancy Research from Asia" Kick-off Symposium.
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Apr. 03. 2017
Our research is posted in "Neurographic", a blog that introduces the research of BSI. (External link)
Feb. 09. 2015
RIKEN issued a press release regarding lab member Andrew Martin's research. (External link)
Jul. 25. 2014
We have now registered over 7,000 participants in our infant and child research.
Oct. 19. 2013
RIKEN issued a press release regarding former lab member Yutaka Sato's research. (External link)
Oct. 01. 2013
On Oct. 07, A group of students from Chiba Prefectural Sakura Senior High School visited the lab and had a chance to participate in some experiments.
Jul. 17. 2013
Former lab member and intern Sho Tsuji has been presented with the "Best Student Oral Presentation Award" for her presentation at the International Child Phonology Conference 2013.
Tsuji, S., Mazuka, R., Cristia, A., & Fikkert, P. (2013). Language-general prelexical basis of the labial-coronal perceptual asymmetry: evidence from Dutch and Japanese.(PDF:1.63MB)
Jun. 13. 2012
Project leader Reiko Mazuka gave a talk entitled "Exploring the brain through infant language development" as part of the 2011 RIKEN "Human society and science: Brain and mind" event held at the Marunouchi Building Hall (November 26, 2011)
Dec. 21. 2011
The Linguistic Society of America has issued a press release on lab member Andrew Martin's recent paper in Language (December 10, 2011, EurekAlert) (External link)